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Sentry Kennels was established in 1995 by Dale and Lisa Moller. 




Sentry Kennels is a picturesque setting nestled in a 42 acre wooded parcel just outside Portage, Wisconsin.   This is a mere 17 mile drive from Wisconsin Dells and approximately 30 miles from Madison, Wisconsin.  It is easily accessed from I-39 and I-90/94. 

The beautiful mowed nature trail through the property gives your pet the feeling of being on a vacation of their own.  Your dog will enjoy the amenities of a spacious private 4' x 6' indoor run, which is heated and air conditioned according to the temperature needs.  The runs are separated by cement block walls for privacy and sanitation.   

Each dog is exercised four times daily where they are taken outside to their own private grassy run which is 15' x 100' The length of time depends upon the weather conditions.  For the safety of your pet, all dogs are exercised in their own private run; not combined together. 

They receive an ample amount of socialization with the chain link fence between them.  We do not want to predict if your dog will get along or fight with another dog; so we prefer to play it safely and send your dog home in the same condition in which it arrived.



As you arrive you are welcomed into our lobby area.  This is where you will check your dog in and we will gather the pertinent information required for your dog's stay. 


To ensure a healthy environment, proof of the following vaccinations are required:  





Your pet is welcome to bring something soft to sleep on; preferably something that is of no loss to you or your pet should they choose to use it as a chew toy.  Favorite treats and toys are also welcome.  All of these amenities are provided if you do not bring them or should forget.








All of the Veterinarians in the tri-county area have continued to support Sentry Kennels by referring their customers to us for boarding and obedience classes.  Also, several of the Veterinarians board their own dogs with us at Sentry Kennels.  We also receive referrals from our present customers to their friends, neighbors and family.  We feel there are no better endorsements than these.





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